Launching a new business is very exciting but presents many challenges.  You can't be an expert on everything and the prospect of failure is daunting. 

The key to a successful launch is having absolute clarity on who your business is for, where the customers are and how you deliver your service or product to them. Having this right will get you into the market and generating revenue faster and more profitably.


Why would I consider this programme?  If you need your new business to go to market and generate income as soon as possible, this programme is for you.  It clarifies your business model and gives you a plan to develop the business rapidly.


How long does the programme take?  Each programme is tailored exactly to your needs.  Typically there is between three and six sessions of 90 - 120 mins. I suggest one session every week or two weeks to allow you absorb the insights and do any work that you might need to move to the next stage. 


How much does each programme cost?  Programmes are customised so prices vary.  After an initial free consultation (email to book one) a  detailed proposal will be sent to you.  Prices start from 1200 euro for 3 sessions.


What can I expect the outcome to be?  You can expect to have clarified your business plan and have definite strategies and plans to go to market as quickly as possible and start generating revenue. 


Who are the type of people who do this programme?  People that have benefitted from doing this programme at the start of their business journey include

  • An executive who started working on his own for the first time and felt a bit lost without the support structure of a large organisation behind him.  The programme gave him a strong go-to-market strategy and operations plan for his business, renewing his optimism and faith in his decision to go out on his own.

  • An entrepreneur in the early stages of setting up her business struggled with a constant feeling of never being on top of things.  She was overwhelmed with options so we developed a plan to narrow her focus and start attracting her preferred clients getting her up and running an generating income in a short space of time after.


What the client said afterwards.

"I sought Aoife's help in 2019 when I had gone back to full time self-employment and was struggling with my business model. Over the course of our coaching, Aoife helped me to significantly upgrade my approach to marketing and my business systems. The game-changing outcome of the coaching for me was learning how to effectively communicate the value of my coaching which allowed me to move into a whole new client market and resulted in a financially viable and sustainable online coaching business. I also experienced a big shift in my own thinking around business which has continued to benefit me on an ongoing basis. Aoife is professional, knowledgeable and a clear expert in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

- Créde Sheehy-Kelly, High-Performance Psychologist


What do I have to do to see if this is what I need?   Start by dropping me an email at and then having an introductory session (free of charge).

Want to know more?

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