Why use Coaching?

At its heart, coaching in the corporate world is the process of helping an individual, team or even entire organisation to grow, adapt or change. It has risen to prevalence in last few years and with good reason – when it is done well, it can have enormous impact, both immediately and in the long term. Some typical examples of scenarios where coaching is useful include:

  • For senior executives, an opportunity to explore and change an idea, assumption, behaviour or habit that may be preventing their personal growth or hindering their management skills.
  • For any individual an opportunity to understand and challenge the way they think and act allowing them to be more self-aware and conscious of all of their thought processes, talents and skills and how to use them.
  • For teams, the opportunity to improve their thinking and communications so that they work more effectively together.
  • For entire companies, a coaching process can help them manage change and adapt faster and more effectively to the market or other circumstances in which they are operating.

There are of course many different philosophies and methods of coaching but at its core, each and every method should be executed with the idea that the individual or team is at the centre of the coaching conversation and it is the coach’s job to guide the individual(s) to their own answer, not to supply the answer for them.

The benefits to coaching can be life-changing on an individual level and can significantly improve the lives and performance of teams and organisations. Some outcomes might include

  • Understanding of core fears and values and how they impact a lifetime of behaviours and habits – with understanding can come acceptance and ability to change.
  • Change of mindsets, freeing individuals and teams to choose different outcomes to those they had previously assumed to be fixed.
  • Testing of assumptions and clarifying the validity or falsity of them, allowing people to re-evaluate situations and analysis and make better decisions.
  • Enhanced clarity of individual, team, project, company goals and the ability to reset expectations and greater coherence of effort in working to achieve them.

It really is impossible to quantify the relief and satisfaction individuals and teams feels when any of the above are achieved. Frequently, there is a renewed sense of purpose as result of new understandings and fresher ways of looking at issues and overcoming limiting assumptions or behaviours.

These are just some of the many benefits of coaching. Every coaching session is unique to the person or people involved and the circumstances in which they find themselves and coaching as a whole is process to move people forward in their thinking and as a consequence, improve their actions. If you would like to know more about what coaching can do for you, please contact me.