Deciding on a course of Action

Thinking through the options

The Challenge:  The client had successfully run her own delicatessen and catering business for many years and following major back surgery had sold the business and started working for a multinational appliance sales agent.  Following a relocation to a new country, she wished to make a decision on whether to continue working for the multi-national or to get back into running her own business again.


What we did:  This was a single session aimed at helping the client choose the best course of action for her.  We examined the pros and cons of continuing to work for the multi-national or starting up her own business and what the challenges of doing that in a new location would be. We particularly explored her assumptions about the new environment she was working in to see if her hesitations were valid.


The Outcomes:  It was particularly important to the client to have flexibility to work around her family’s schedule into the future and that really weighed against continuing to work for the long term for the multi-national.  There were two options for starting up her own business. After a short examination of one of the options, that was shelved as a project for the longer term due to the huge time commitment involved in getting it up and running.  The other option was judged to be much more friendly to her family priorities, it would provide early cashflow and arguments around its difficulty were dismissed in the face of the experience, knowledge and expertise the client already possessed which would enable her to get up and running faster.


The Benefit:  The client finished the session with a decision made to start her own business.  She had explored the reason for her hesitancy in doing so and in the process found she was making some assumptions about the market that simply didn't stack up under scrutiny.  Having dismantled these false assumptions, we were able to establish the real facts - that she is in fact an expert at cooking, demonstrating and catering for high-end clients and also that there is a market in her locality for these services.  The client left the session with the ideas and  the confidence to get organised and up and running as quickly as possible. 

The coaching session had brought clarity and a firm decision as well as a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.


What the client said afterwards:

"Aoife’s straight no nonsense approach and style are so refreshing.  She cuts through the issue to the very core.  I found even my one session with Aoife to be the kick up the proverbial I needed to move on to my next phase.  Thank you Aoife!"  A. O'Meara, Sept 2019.