Defining a business model and go to market strategy

The Challenge:  The Client does a considerable amount of coaching work with individuals and teams, to transform their communication and presentation skills. He felt that his practice wasn't achieving its full potential and was looking to more fully define his business model.  Having done that, he needed to devise a marketing strategy to increase sales and generate more income.

What we did:  The work was carried out over two 90 minute sessions, one on video conference, the other in person.  We explored in depth the types of work the Client does, who benefits the most from it and how the Client could avail of the opportunities presented by technology to extend his reach and consequently add an extra income stream.  Having defined the potential clients and how reach for his services could be extended, we focused on how to build the Clients brand, the language that could be used and the types of marketing channels where his effort needed to be focused.

The Outcome: The Client had

  • His unique service offering and the benefits it brings to his clients defined
  • A clear idea of the clients he wished to work with and who would most benefit from his work
  • A plan for how he was going to operate his business in the future, with income from both active sources from working directly with clients and from passive sources of online training and tutorials.
  • A strategy for how he was going to market his business to attract the right clients.

The Benefits:  Although the Client was absolutely positive of the benefits of his service, he was somewhat resistant to buying into the process of building his brand and promoting his services.  By the end of our work together, he fully understood the causes of this resistance and was able to see how the false narratives he had built up around marketing and promotion were restricting his potential to achieve the results from his business he wanted.  He left with an awareness of the type of thinking that might trip him up in the future but also a positive plan for actions he could implement rapidly to acquire more clients and roll out the online element of his coaching practice.