Defining a Marketing Strategy

Clarifying USP, Preferred Audience and Brand values.

The Challenge:  The Client was looking to establish a new business in the highly competitive sports psychology / performance management field but with vast pool of potential clients was struggling to identify clearly the audience she wanted to target and how to go about attracting them.

What we did:  This project was carried out during three 90 minute sessions over a 6 week period, using video conferencing to host the sessions.  We explored in depth her skillsets and what she could offer customers that would improve their situation, the potential customers for her service and her preferred type of client.  She focussed on how her services could be marketed and delivered to these preferred clients including addressing where the customers were located and what would be the means of accessing those potential clients.  

The outcome:  The Client had completely

  • Defined her unique service offering
  • Understood the types of client she preferred to work with, who would most benefit from her services
  • Clarified how her business was most likely to operate in order to service those clients
  • Formed a view on the types of revenue she could generate, the costs associated with operating the business in her preferred manner and the profits arising.

The Benefit:  The client moved from having a feeling of overwhelm and stuckness at the start of the process to having a very specific idea of who her preferred target clients are and a plan to attract them. She has a crystal clear understanding of her own value and what her unique service offering will bring to her clients and is able to express that in a way that is very attractive to her potential audience.