Defining a Marketing Strategy

Clarifying your target audience, their needs and what you do best to help them

The Challenge:  The Client was tryng to establish a new business in the highly competitive sports psychology / performance management field.  Her expertise had value to a vast array of potential clients across industries and sports, but she struggled to identify precisely the audience she wanted and how to go about attracting them.  As a consequence she was overwhelmed and unfocused and considering giving up.

What we did:  Initially we explored in depth the clients skills and what she offered customers that would really improve their situation.  We narrowed down the potential customers for her service, getting to the core of those types of client she really wanted to work with, where they were likely to be located and what the best channels to access them.

During the course of our work, we identified a couple of underlying attitudes and assumptions that were adding unnecessary stress and overwhelm to getting her business up and running.  Becoming aware that these attitudes were not helping her, the client was able to recognise when they were influencing her thinking and was able to take steps to adjust her approach.

The outcome:  At the end of our work together, the Client completely

  • Understood the types of client she preferred to work with, and what she was uniquely offering them.
  • Clarified how her business was most likely to operate in order to attract and serve those clients
  • Formed a view on the types of revenue she could generate, the costs associated with operating the business in her preferred manner and the profits arising.
  • She became more self-aware and confident of her own value and skills and knew there was an audience for them.
  • She had overcome some limiting beliefs and had the more positive mindset necessary to start her business successfully.

The breakthroughs: The client identified the precise clients she wanted to work with and why she wanted to work with them.  This focus gave her a foundation to build on understanding what her service needed to offer those people and how she was going to attract them.  This understanding and focus dissipated her feeling of overwhelm and being stuck.  Becoming aware of attitudes and beliefs that were not true and were hindering her progress enabled her to take the next steps with purpose and confidence.

What the client said afterwards.

"I sought Aoife's help in 2019 when I had gone back to full time self-employment and was struggling with my business model. Over the course of our coaching, Aoife helped me to significantly upgrade my approach to marketing and my business systems. The game-changing outcome of the coaching for me was learning how to effectively communicate the value of my coaching which allowed me to move into a whole new client market and resulted in a financially viable and sustainable online coaching business. I also experienced a big shift in my own thinking around business which has continued to benefit me on an ongoing basis. Aoife is professional, knowledgeable and a clear expert in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

- Créde Sheehy-Kelly, High-Performance Psychologist