Forming a growth plan for a Micro Business

Organising for growth

The Challenge: The Client owns a small two employee enterprise focussed on digital and print marketing and design in the third year of its operation, based in Portugal but with a largely Irish client base. The client wished to grow his revenue and profits.

What we did: Over three sessions we examined in detail the current operation of the business in terms of types of projects being undertaken, clients and roles of employees. We built an aspirational Revenue / Profit model and then explored the types of projects and services the client offered, the type of customers that were most suited to these projects and geographical markets the client wished to be in. We identified the gap between current resources and client profiles and those that would be necessary to achieve this revenue model.

The outcome: When we were finished our Client had a clear picture of

  • his revenue and profit plan
  • the resources he was going to need to deliver it
  • the products and services he was offering to create value for his clients
  • the types of clients he needed to work with to achieve the growth
  • the operational issues that might prevent achieving his targets

The Benefit: The Client felt the sessions clarified the purpose of his business, where he should be focusing his own time and energy and what he could achieve in building the business over the next few years.