Developing a long term Growth Plan

Improving operations, developing the Client base.

The Challenge:  The Client, a leader in the mystery shopping market in Portugal had been growing incrementally over the course of their history.  The owner now wished to take advantage of the improvement in the economy and in technology to grow revenues and profitability more substantially over the next five years..

What we did:  This project was carried out in one - two sessions a week, over an eight week period.  First we assessed the client’s current financial and organisational operations and we determined the scale of the growth he wished to achieve.  We then extensively reviewed the  products and services that would be necessary to achieve this growth.  We identified how the revenue growth could be achieved between the twin components of new and existing products and services with new and existing clients.  We also identified the operational processes necessary to create the right focus and simultaneously improve margins.

The Outcome:  The Client had a completely up-to-date

  • Understanding of their business operations and what new processes to implement to create focus, increase sales and improve profits were required.
  • A fully mapped out budget and business plan
  • A plan to help employees to identify, develop and adapt to their roles.
  • The ability to review and undertake major elements of their business plan into the future with very little external help so they can stay on track with the plan or adjust it if necessary over the course of the coming years.

The Benefit:  The client having understood where the shortfall in some of the internal information systems was, took immediate steps to develop new processes and systems to allow him and his staff get absolutely up-to-date snapshot pictures of their current position and how they were tracking against budget, how margins were performing and how individual employees were performing against target.  The following year they were able to report the planned significant increase in sales revenue and improved margins.


What the client said afterwards:

Working with Aoife Healy and Tony Boyle, from Pathway Consulting has had an enormous positive impact in MORE by Pentaudis.

Aoife and Tony bring in their international experience in several European Markets with two perspectives – as Consultants and as Leaders in a variety of businesses. This allows them to have an “out of the box” view of the business and come up with ideas on how to achieve goals that are very valuable.

One of the major impacts that the Pathway Consulting project brought to our business was the way we structured our sales. The challenge was to set up a structure that would double our sales while limiting our costs and human resources increases.  The outcome was a major change on how we started viewing the way to achieve this goal and subsequently we adapted our structure sucessfully, to start working on achieving this goal.

I really appreciated the very pragmatic approach that Pathway had regarding our cost & sales analysis, the review on our portfolio of services and analysis of changes needed especially in our Marketing activities.  Throughout this process Pathway also interviewed our team and helped us design solid plans and define kpi’s and incentives.

All ideas were structured in a document, which is our business plan for 2017. This document will help us analyzing if we are on track through 2017 and is helping us prepare for 2018.

Aoife and Tonys’ experience and motivation to deliver brilliance and differentiation to our business gave us ideas that we never that thought before ourselves.


MORE by Pentaudis   Lisboa, 18th of January 2017