Launching a Start Up

Teasing out the issues (Coaching session)

The Challenge: The Client is shortly going to launch a new IT services business and needed to clarify some issues and their importance in his roll out strategy. .

What we did: This was a 90 minute coaching session, aimed at helping the Client understand the issues that were pre-occupying him, determining the scale of their importance and deciding what (if any) action was necessary to resolve them.

The outcome: The client identified four areas of concern and discussed them at some length. Following that, the client was asked to determine the most important of these issues and he was able to narrow it down to two clearly identifiable issues. One of those was easily addressed as being a common challenge, well within the client's skillset to manage. The remaining issue was then explored to find out what made it a particular problem. The client concluded that he was not completely comfortable with his level of knowledge on a financing issue and that this was causing a great deal of frustration.

The Benefit: Once the client identified clearly that the seemingly intractable problem was down to lack of information and knowledge, he knew very quickly exactly what steps to take to resolve the issue. He left the session relieved that he had a positive action to take to move forward to the next step in his business launch.

What the client said afterwards

"I got a lot of value from our session - the fact that you asked questions rather than proposing solutions really helped me to think through my problems and seek resolution of same."