Making a Big Decision (Coaching)

The Challenge:  The Client, a senior manager in a global consulting firm, had been offered a role as a Director in her organisation. As she hadn’t instinctively jumped at the opportunity, she needed to explore how she was thinking about the role to be sure of her decision with regard to accepting or rejecting it.

What we did:  This was a single ninety minute coaching session, aimed at helping the Client make a fully informed decision to accept or decline the role.  We worked to understand the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the new role.  We got the complete picture of the implications of not accepting the role would be and also worked to understand where the doubts about accepting the role were coming coming from.

The outcome:  The client identified some key issues that were making the decision so difficult.  After considering the issues from a couple of angles the client identified the precise issue which was holding her back – that she couldn’t reconcile her view of the role with how she saw herself.

The Benefit:  Once the client identified the issue was not with the role itself, but how she saw herself in it, it was much easier to assess the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the role and she was able to make her decision to accept the role and give it her full commitment.

What the client said afterwards:

"Talking to Aoife was an intense, soul searching but ultimately extremely insightful, experience. Our session gave me clarity as to which direction would be best for me to follow. Her patience and ability to actively listen as I deliberated my choices was instrumental in helping me reach my own conclusion."   A.N. April 2019