Your best idea is rarely your first one.  In this era of "always on" and constant distraction, we frequently reach for the first idea and stick with it, forgetting that taking more time to think will yield much better results. 

This coaching programme is aimed at giving people the time and the space to explore their thoughts further and to do the deeper thinking that will bring them to the best answer for them.


Why would I consider this programme?  If you are a senior executive or business owner that wants to explore ideas or assess next steps in your career or business development journey this programme is for you.  It offers you a chance to really understand your options and thinking around them, and helps you decide exactly what is right for you at this moment, without the pressure of other people's agendas.

How long does the programme take?  This programme is personalised to each clients needs.   Some people may only want one or two sessions, usually of 90 - 120 minutes to address a particular problem.  Others may want a regular monthly or quarterly check in to keep on track.  You can drop an email to to schedule a call to discuss in detail what you need.

How much does each programme cost?  Programmes are customised and prices vary.  The price will be agreed in advance of any work being completed following an initial free screening session and typcially prices start from €400 per two hour session.

Who are the type of people who do this programme?  Clients who have successfully used this programme include

  • An executive between roles, struggled with making a decision between ongoing development of his career or returning to self-employment as a marketing expert.  We explored the options he was considering and put them in the context of what he really wanted to do.  Fairly quickly, he narrowed career development down to one particular type of role he wanted and for that role we identified the personal branding and skillset he would need to highlight on his CV, which he completely re-wrote. For the consulting practice, we identified the unique service he could offer clients and how it would be pitched to them.  Almost immediately on completion of the CV and personal branding, he applied for a Senior Executive role which he was offered a short time later.  He retained the work done for the potential consulting service for future reference.

  • A business owner was struggling with overwhelm from a long list of "to do's".  We took some time to identify and focus on the various issues, prioritised the most important ones and figured out what exactly they needed to do to progress.  Identifying the issues and potential solutions removed the uncertainty, giving huge relief that nothing was insurmountable and they returned to the business refreshed and re-focused.

What the client said afterwards

"Talking to Aoife was an intense, soul searching but ultimately extremely insightful, experience. Our session gave me clarity as to which direction would be best for me to follow. Her patience and ability to actively listen as I deliberated my choices was instrumental in helping me reach my own conclusion."

A.N., Jan 2020 , Senior Manager in a Global Consulting Firm.


What do I have to do to see if this is what I need?    It will start by dropping me an email at and then having an introductory session (free of charge) to establish your needs.


Want to know more?

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