Entrepreneurs with an established business may find that growth is stalling or the business is not delivering what they know it can.  

An established business needs four strong pillars to thrive - a solid product or service, on target branding and marketing, comprehensive operations to support delivery and thorough review processes to ensure profitability.  This programme focuses on reviewing each pillar, strengthening weak areas and developing action plans to deliver growth for your business - helping it thrive again.


Why would I consider this programme?  If you feel that your business is not delivering what you know it can and should, this is the programme for you.  In it, we explore and define exactly what you want your business to do and then structure strategies and plans to achieve it.

What can I expect the outcome to be? Whatever your business needs - new or different clients,  increased revenues, reduced costs - this programme will give you a plan to make it happen and renewed purpose and direction to help your business thrive.

How long does the programme take?  Each programme is tailored for you. Typically there is between three and six sessions of about 90 - 120 mins each.  I suggest one session every week or two weeks to allow you absorb the insights and do any work that you might need to move to the next stage. 

How much does each programme cost?  Programmes are customised so prices vary.  After a free consultation (email ahealy@pathwayconsulting.eu to book one) a detailed proposal outlining the programme will be sent. Prices start from 1200 euro.

What kind of people do this programme? Some people who have benefitted from doing this programme are

  • An entrepreneur with a successful business felt they had exhausted their existing database of contacts and incoming work had slowed, affecting their outlook as well as the bottom line.  They needed strategies to adjust their offering and refresh the business,  bringing in new clients and improving sales and profits.

  • A business owner was faced with a choice of competing opportunities and struggled to define what option would be the best for developing the business. A thorough exploration of the options gave the confidence to act decisively in their own and the business best interests.

  • An entrepreneur faced dramatically altered market circumstances and the business needed a radical overhaul of operations to reduce costs and different marketing to attract new clients.  The overhaul reset purpose and built confidence in the new direction and continued success of the business.


What the client said afterwards

"I wanted to define the growth plan for my business and the marketing objectives necessary to achieve that.  A few hours with Aoife transformed my approach to marketing and helped me focus on getting the clients I really wanted”.

Mark Downey, Speech and Presence


How is this done? The programmes use a blend of coaching techniques and consulting to really explore in depth your needs and wants and then formulate a plan to fulfil them.


What do I have to do to see if this is what I need?  This is a very exciting and transformative programme.  If you would like to find out more and see if you would benefit, start by dropping me an email at ahealy@pathwayconsulting.eu and plan an introductory session (free of charge).

Want to know more?

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